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What does the press say?

"[Making a] tremendous amount

of impact"

-Peter Hostrawser

"[Brando Crawford] is a visionary ...

working off of momentum!" -

In interview with Michael Halberstam, covered by Doug George

"The latest example of stars continuing

to use their talents... to help"

- Will Thorne


What do actors say?

"What better way to spend my time [than acting in a production produced by Acting for a Cause]?"

-Academy Award ® Nominee

Florence Pugh (Little Women)

"[Brando Crawford] is a helpful and insightful Director to work with"

-Margaret Qualley, Emmy ® Nominated Actress for Fosse/Verdon

"In the history of the world, one of the amazing things have been actors coming together.

I think it is important that we support AFC...

I am a full fledged fan of Brando Crawford: 

the more I learn about Acting for a Cause,

the more I get excited about it.

- Alex Wolff

(MTV award nominee for "Hereditary")


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