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The Great Gatsby Live!

The Great Gatsby Live!

Please donate Dolce and Gabbana is matching all donations up to $15,000.00. I know it may sound cliche but every donation counts! We need your help to reach our goal. Let's do this team! :) Cast: Kaia Gerber as Daisy Buchanan Nat Wolff as Jay Gatsby Mason Gooding as Nick Carraway Josephine Langford as Jordan Baker Jake Picking as Tom Buchanan Owen Thiele as Owl Eyes, Various Brando Crawford as Mr. Wilson, Various Rivkah Reyes Myrtle, Various Kahyun Kim as Catherine, Various Ty Molbak as Mr. Gatz, Various Crew: Directed, Produced, and Adapted by Brando Crawford Co-Executive Producer: Jared Eng Associate Producers and Editing: Ty Molbak and Joe Blakey Original Compositions: Alex Mansour Original Animations: Christian Hanover Cinematographer: Patrick Ouziel Camera Operator: Yev Zhuk Gaffer: Lisa Tom Sound: Roman Nunez Assistant Director: Ty Molbak Styling: Jared Eng Make up: Caroline Hernandez Hair: Styling: Bridget Brager Grooming: Stephanie Hobgood With thanks to: Dolce and Gabbana for dressing cast and $15,000.00 price match donation, John Condne for Insurance, Wolf Kasteler and Allan Mindel at Framework Entertainment, the Steppenwolf Theatre Co. and Mick Napier at the Annoyance Theatre. Cast and crew participated on a complete volunteer basis. Brando Crawford paid the costs of equipment, location, which were provided at a discount for the cause. Release date: November 19th, 2021 at 6pm PST/8pm CST/9pm PST Donations can be made at to benefit amfAR.
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